How BillsFire Hosting Began

    I deeply appreciate the beauty of nature. I spend as much quiet time in nature as possible. It is in those quiet moments, when I am immersed in beauty, that creative thoughts that enhance my life enter into my being.

    From my earliest memories I felt I was a part of the natural world and not separate from it. I not only want to preserve the natural world, but also want to work towards reverence for all life. I felt through web design and web hosting, I could give those with this same passion a means to express themselves and help change the world. Thus, was born BillsFire (because Bill’s fire is fueled by the beauty of nature).

    I began doing web design for my friends and would refer them to domain name registrars and web hosting services that I thought were good. It was in one of those quiet moments when I thought, “why do I not have my own domain name registration and web hosting service”. I could offer a better price and personalized service for the work I am currently giving away.

    The friends I have been doing web design for are all involved in some aspect of saving the Earth. It is out of this deep reverence for the Earth that I wanted a means to present my ideas and my friend’s ideas to the world.

    I personally wanted a business that had little or no footprint on the Earth and one that I could work on from any beautiful place on the North American continent.. I wanted to give people a means to announce to the world who they were and what they were doing. I realized that domain names are our signature and our websites are our presence on the web.

    BillsFire Hosting became the vehicle for carrying our passion into the world. Communicating, connecting, compelling, you, your message to the human web became my vision.

    I would like to support you to bring your passion into the world. I am asking that you use the services we offer so that we can support the rights of all beings. In order to fulfill my dreams of a sacred Earth, ten percent of the profits from our company are donated to organizations working towards preserving nature and having a reverence for all its beings. Thank you for your support.

    BillsFire Hosting

    Shasta Trees