Domain Names

    1A. Domain Names

    Your domain name is your unique id to the web. It is your declaration to the World Wide Web of who you are. It’s like your phone number – only you have it and people and organization find you through it. Ideally, the more your domain name closely relates to who you are, the easier it will be to find you.

    1B. Technically, your domain name is part of your internet address, called your “URL” or Uniform Resource Locator. Your URL can go into more detail providing information for a specific page, folder name, machine name and protocol language. In Amercia, we typically use three letters, eg .com, .edu. org, etc to indicate top level domain. Other countries us two letters, .co, .jp, etc.

    1C. An IP Address, or Internet Protocol Address, is a specific unique number given to every computer on the World Wide Web. It is like you home address or your vehicle license plate. It is a specific series of numbers used to truly identify the web server, while the domain name redirects you a specific page. Examples may be

    e.g. = www.nasa.gov

    e.g. = www.gov.au

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